Thai yoga massage

A wonderful opportunity to discover the ancient healing art of Thai Yoga massage is offered here. Originally this massage was performed at the temple by Buddhist monks who practiced medicine. Thai yoga massage was one of their treatment methods. The massage is done with attention and respect in a state of Metta (loving kindness) meditation.

This massage is a combination from acupressure and yoga-like stretches. During the massage, energy lines are systematically pressed and stimulated by thumbs and hands and the body will be moved in various yoga based stretches. This all helps to improve flexibility in the muscles, and joints, relaxation and release energetic blockages. Due to the positive influence on the body and mind, Thai yoga massage will improve your well-being.

Thai yoga massage:

  • Makes muscles and joints strong and flexible
  • Improves body posture
  • Reduces the effects of stress
  • Prevents and reduces backpain
  • Reduces the effects of a lack of exercise
  • Enhances sports performance
  • Keeps you younger: physically and mentally

So this massage is perfect to get rid of stress, make the body feel better or just give yourself a treat!!

Thai yoga massage is a fully clothed massage carried out on a comfortable mat on the floor. Therefore you should wear comfortable clothing.

Contact and prices

To experience the Thai yoga massage or to get more information you can contact me by email:

On working days between 15:30-18:30u you can also call: 06-47964737


1 hour                                     € 50   (First time € 40)

4x 1 hour card                      € 180 (This card is valid for 6 months)

About me

My name is Femke. I have always been fascinated by the human body, movement and health. I got my BSc in medical biology. Currently I’m working in a department for clinical research. About 8 years ago I had my first yoga class. At the time this was mainly a physical workout for me to get in better shape. Later I discovered the value of the mental aspect of yoga and learned more about different yoga styles and mindfulness.

The first time receiving a Thai yoga massage was very special for me. It had much more effect then I ever felt with other types of massage. My mind was very calm, I felt totally relaxed and my muscles and joints were more flexible. At that moment it was immediately clear. I want to learn this! And share this beautiful experience with other people.