Below you will find more information about the yoga classes. As intense as a class can get, I provide extra care for those who are in need of guidance in:

  • how to apply movement and breath safely
  • for people in recovery
  • for those completely new to yoga

Have not all your questions been answered? Feel free to connect with me.

 A typical 75 min. class consists of:

– Checking in, registering where you are right Now

– Cultivating your breath through a range of techniques (pranayama)

– Physical sequences to warm the body up (surya namaskar)

– Physical (fixed) postures to go deeper into the physical aspects of yoga (asana)

– Deep relaxation (savasana)

– Meditation (dhyana)

Private Classes

  • Private class  60 min:         60 eur
  • 5 private classes 60 min :  275 eur
  • Private class 75 min:   65 eur
  • 5 private classes 75 min: 300 eur

These prices are including VAT for private persons and excluding VAT if paid for by your employer.

For in-company classes and courses tailored to your wishes, or for a group of friends, contact me for a quotation.

Djehan’s yogaclasses are a beautiful experience. With her natural sense of calm and wisdom, she brings the class to another level of energy. She gives trust, holds trust in herself and explores different facets of yoga with the group. After class I step off the mat confidently, with my spine tall and with a smile on my face.

Anet Goemans

Architect, Self-employed