Tarot Readings

My readings are based on picking up on the structures of the energies that surround you. These energies form a story that speaks to the current situation and uncovers how to derive wisdom and empowerment from it. The reading will show you what you need to know and do to move forward more positively on your journey.

My mini-reading Let’s Begin is perfect for those who just need a little guidance.

Going Deeper is a general reading of one hour that allows more clarifications to your questions and surrounding energy.

If you wish to know more about your romantic life, the Relationships Reading will help you out. This can be done for twin flames, soulmates or even friendships. This reading allows me to uncover the situation, how you both think & feel about each other and positive steps to move forward.

If you want insight into your own journey alone and wish for extra tools and knowlegde, please purchase the Just For You Reading. This reading uncovers the predominant themes for you and that are present in your life, and allows more questions, guidance and deeper work.


  1. Choose an option at the bottom of the page 
  2. Purchase the reading
  3. Send an email/whatsapp with your question(s) Question Tips!  
  4. I will contact you to schedule our session 

Choose an option as you read over the different readings at the bottom of the page. Go ahead and make your payment which holds your spot in line. Formulate your questions to give me a direction for the reading and email them to info@theworx.one or Whatsapp: +31 (0)6-40137117 

Provide the first name of the person you’re asking about (if there is a person) along with their zodiac sign & yours. You can very briefly share some of your concerns or situation, but you do not have to.


The reading will most likely take place within 2 to 5 days from the moment of purchase, depending on the type of reading and traffic. Please allow for that time slot and trust that the answers you seek will arrive at the perfect time for you. You will receive your reading if purchased.

You may email me about your questions to check if I am the reader for you before you purchase the reading.


  • Most of my offers are based on a Skype- or Whatsappcall. Except for the Just for You reading: which is designed for one-to-one time and has the travel expenses included.


  • If you wish to meet one-on-one in Rotterdam for Let’s Begin, Going Deeper or the Love/Relationship Reading? Travel expenses of €10,= will be added to the baseprice of your reading of choice. These expenses can be paid in cash on the day of our session.


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