My yoga resumé

Trained in Raja Yoga (‘Royal Yoga’ or ‘Yoga of mind control’) via the Raja Yoga Institute under the loving and honest guidance of Susanna Willis, I have also been trained at the Santosh Puri Ashram under the guidance of Mataji Puri and Ganga Puri in Rishikesh, India. Therefor I teach hatha yoga from a traditional no-nonsense lineage with a great emphasis on the mentally calming aspects of the yogic system, as Raja Yoga is by design.

As a modern day gall, I also teach the fast paced vinyasa and power yoga as physically-oriented styles.

My classes are then, usually a blended tapestry of these different aspects of yoga and I tend to create cross-overs between styles, through which I’ll guide you as being on an inner journey on your yogamat.

I believe a great amount of freedom for diverse insights is key to an exploration as vast as yourself and your world.

Remember, yoga is essentially about uniting polarities. And by uniting different yoga styles and tailoring to the client, my main value is to pass on what really works for you!


2010 – present: In-company and private classes ǀ mindful coaching

2011 – present: Bodhi Yoga and Mindfulness – hatha ǀ yin yoga

2012 – 2016: David Lloyd Health and Fitness – vinyasa ǀ power ǀ hatha yoga

2013 – 2014: Yoganesa Centre for body, mind and soul – stress-relief ǀ hatha ǀ vinyasa yoga

2012 – 2014: Ready for Change Rehabilitation Clinic – yoga for recovery ǀ mindfulness training for mental health

2011-2011: The Trainingroom personal training – hatha ǀ raja yoga

2010-2010: Team Furious mixed martial arts – yoga for boxers

2010-2010: Sleeswijk Ninjutsu studio – hatha ǀ raja yoga