Stress Relief Worx!

A short and powerful coaching process to eliminate stress!


How? In 4 sessions.

Session 1: Ground! Relax the body.

As soon as you experience more space in your body, the benefits of stress relief are immediately noticeable.


Session 2: We head into nature!

During a walking-coaching session we explore underlying drives, while inviting nature to work her magic.


Session 3: Learn how to manage your stress.

During this coaching session I will teach you hands-on techniques to maintain low stress levels.


Session 4: You’ve got this!

During the last session we will shape your desired outcome and get you on your way with confidence and calmness.

  • physical and mental relaxation
  • insight into stressors
  • resilience to deal with stressfull situations
  • more self-love and self-care <3
  • more clarity, less overwhelm
  • ease to say “no” and make choices for your highest good
  • more joy!
  • more confidence
  • more energy
  • creating solutions
  • (when you are ready): take action
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Burn-out and the desire to gently explore it
  • For everyone that wants to gain more controle over their reactions and gain more calmness
  • For anyone that uses drugs and medication to self-sooth and would like to learn to do so by way of meditation
  • For people who wish to get in touch with their feelings and/or balance their heart and mind.
  1. focussed attention on the subject
  2. varied environments for different sessions
  3. shirt intervention, measurable results!