Hi, I’m Djehan.

Holistic coach, trainer, creatrix &

a free spirit with a wild heart

dedicated to excavating your unicity,

talents and inner peace.

Why should you put your life on hold,  when you have today?

There is a time to love , to learn and a time to Play !


Together we forge a thought-provoking partnership to help you clarify your core values and life goals, spark your creative process and maximise your personal & professional potential.


I provide a safe space for exploration to embody personal leadership: owning your worth, communicating authentically, relaxation and creating to make your visions reality.


During our yoga sessions, you will learn ways to relieve tension and also cultivate physical strength, flexibility, energy and a greater understanding of your  inner landscapes.

Everything I design is meant to help you

tap into your deep resourceful potentiality.

– Djehan



Djehan masters strong intuition

with keen intellect.

She follows what she feels,

surrounded with the right people and elevating ideas.

She trusts in the grander scheme of things,

her place in it and

transfers these principles  in an organic  way.


Lecturer clinical psychology ǀ Riyadh & The Netherlands

Her approach to life

comes from a deep and strong place.

 She  has full energy and passion and

comes from a place of heart and soul.

She brings a huge amount of value

to everyone she meets and

has already proven to be an outstanding

and unique practitioner in her field.


Systemic constellations trainer ǀ Germany

Djehan disarmed me like no other.

I am quite anti-authoritarian,

do not easily take suggestions on board,

but I notice with Djehan this isn’t the case.

 Our impressive first coaching session

and how fast she touches the core,

providing clarity and options of exploration

leaves me empowered.


Facility Manager ǀ The Netherlands

An internationally equipped trainer,

Djehan humorously triggers awareness

and confidence from my own source.

With empathy and corporate experience,

she tunes into my needs

as a professional living abroad.

This  has  improved my work-life-health

balance significantly.

Karin  Audit Manager ǀ The Netherlands

The mindfulness course has helped me


to sleep better, relieve pain and

to get back up on my feet after a knee operation.

Also my blood pressure significantly lowered.



Administrator ǀ The Netherlands


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Location: Voorburgstraat 203, Rotterdam – The Netherlands.

Email: info@theworx.one

Mobile: +31(0)6 – 40 13 71 17

Skype: djehan.theworx